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Let's face it... you don't want to spend more money on car repairs or maintenance than you have to. And, you don't want to wait at an automotive shop all day. Car Pro is a mobile, modern, people focused service that saves you time and money! Use a Car Pro today, and contact us for a free estimate. We are here to help!

Brake Service

Get new brakes without breaking the bank!! We install new brake pads and shoes for up to 30% less than the major shops in town! The best part? You don't even have to leave your house!

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Shock and Strut Replacement

Are you shocked at the cost of your new struts? Don't be! Call a Car Pro, and we'll have you up and running for less - guaranteed!

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Tune Ups and Maintenance

We offer tune ups and car maintenance packages that save you money! Why pay a shop $115/hr when you can get the same service in the comfort of your home for less? Click "Get Started" to learn how you can save hundreds on car maintenance!

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Car Pro Saves You Money

Car Pro only uses experienced and trained automotive technicians, and delivers the same quality service of major shops for less!

Car Pro was started by automotive enthusiasts that believed that there was a better way to maintain and service your car than paying $115/hr to a major car repair chain that pays its mechanics $17/hr. We charge our customers less, and pay our people more - by running a modern, mobile, people focused business model with low overhead.

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